Jazz Improv, Vol. 1, No. 2, Thelonious Monk, cover (Print Edition & Companion CD)

Jazz Improv, Vol. 1, No. 2, Thelonious Monk, cover (Print Edition & Companion CD)


1. Joe Henderson Big Band

Without A Song (Comp. Billy Rose-Edward Eliscu) (5:24)

(From Joe Henderson Big Band, Verve 314 533 451-2. Joe Henderson, tenor sax.)

2. Bob Berg

You And The Night And The Music (6:07)

 (Composed by Howard Dietz/Arthur Schwartz), From the album Another Standard. Stretch 9013-2. Bob Berg, tenor sax.)

3. Denny Christianson Big Band featuring Pepper Adams

A Pair Of Threes (6:21)

(Composed & Arranged by Alf Clausen), From the album Suite Mingus. Justin Time Just 15-2. (Pepper Adams, baritone sax solo.)

4. Hilario Duran

Brasiliangada (4:26)

(Comp. Hilario Duran. From the album Killer Tumbao, Hilario Duran and the Cuban Jazz All Stars, Justin Time Just 101-2. Duran, piano)

5. Alan Broadbent

Ballad Impromptu (6:00)

(Comp. Alan Broadbent. From the album Personal Standards, Concord 4757-2. Alan Broadbent, piano)

6. Jon Ballantyne with Joe Henderson

BYOB Blues (7:05)

(Comp. Jon Ballantyne. From the album Skydance, Justin Time Just 30-2, Jon Ballantyne, piano, Joe Henderson, tenor saxophone)

7. Eric Nemeyer

I Remember You (5:00)

(Comp. Johnny Mercer, V. Schertzinger, Jazz Improv 54321,

Eric Nemeyer, vibraphone)

8. Randy Brecker

The Sleaze Factor (4:47)

(Comp. Randy Brecker. From the album Into The Sun, Concord Vista 4761-2. Brecker, trumpet)

9. Clifford Brown

Joy Spring (6:48)

(Comp. Clifford Brown. From Clifford Brown and Max Roach, Emarcy 814-645-2. Clifford Brown, trumpet)

10. David Liebman

I Concentrate On You (4:20)

(Comp. by Cole Porter), from the album The Opal Hearted Aboriginal, Enja Records 3065 

11. David Azarian

Get Out Of Town (7:01)

(Composed by Cole Porter), From the album Living In Jazzland - Collection of Live Performances At WGBH, Available soon from Enja Records. David Azarian, piano)

12. Red Rodney

Woody ‘N’ You (6:06)

(Comp. Dizzy Gillespie. From the album Then And Now, Chesky JD 79. Red Rodney, trumpet.)

13 Hank Jones

Round Midnight

(Comp. by Billy Eckstine) (4:50)

From the album Live At Maybeck Recital Hall, Volume 16, Concord CCD-4502

14. Daria

You Stepped Out Of A Dream (5:33)

(Comp. Gus Kahn, Nacio Herb Brown), From the album Just The Beginning, Jazz ‘m Up Productions CD 350. Daria, vocals)

15. David Liebman

I Want To Talk About You (5:04)

(Comp. by Billy Eckstine), from the album Thank You, John, Arkadia Jazz

16. All The Things You Are

Play-Along. Contemporary Jazz Studies - Play_Along by David Berger, A book and cassette tape. Published by Charles Colin Publications, 315 West 53rd Street, New York, NY 10019, Telephone: 212-581-1480) (Rhythm section: Mike Abene, piano; Todd Coolman, bass; Jimmy Madison, drums)


Featured Record Label: Justin Time Records, Arkadia Jazz

Featured Publisher: Schirmer Books

Featured Music Publisher: Charles Colin Publications 


Technique: How To Practice by David Gross

Performance: Turnarounds

Harmony: Modal Pentatonic Scales

Rhythm: One Note - One Rhythm Approach & Exercises

Accompaniment: Comping

Keyboard: More Walking Bass Lines & Chord Voicings

Practice: Keeping Track Of Your Practice & Progress 

Practice Sheet (Make Copies for yourself) 

Attitude: How To Develop Your Own Unique Sound

Choice and The Creative Orientation 

Book Excerpts: 

“Straight No Chaser - The Life & Genius Of Thelonious Monk” by Leslie Gourse, Chapter Eight, “At The Five Spot” (Published by Schirmer Books)

Bill Dobbins’ The Contemporary Jazz Pianist - A Comprehensive Approach To Keyboard Improvisation

David Berger - Contemporary Jazz Studies - Play-Along “Self Portrait Of A Jazz Artist - Musical Thoughts & Realities” by David Liebman, Chapter Two, “Creating The Music” (Published by Advance Music) 

“Thinking In Jazz - The Infinite Art Of Improvisation” by Paul Berliner, Chapter Ten, "The Never Ending State Of Getting There"(published by The University of Chicago Press) 

“Hearin’ The Changes” by Jerry Coker, Chapter Four, (published by Advance Music) 

Transcribed Solos: 

How To Transcribe Solos

Alan Broadbent, Piano Solo, Ballad Impromptu

Clifford Brown, Trumpet solo, Joy Spring

David Azarian, Piano Solo, Get Out Of Town (Cole Porter) 

David Liebman, Tenor Sax Solo, I Concentrate On You 


“Ballad Impromptu”, Composed by Bill Evans

“Woody 'N You”, Composed by Dizzy Gillespie

“Ruby, My Dear”, Composed by Thelonious Monk

“Introspection”, Composed by Thelonious Monk

“Monk's Mood”, Composed by Thelonious Monk

“Off Minor”, Composed by Thelonious Monk

“The Sleaze Factor” by Randy Brecker T Time by Bill Dobbins

“Joy Spring” by Clifford Brown (Melody & Improvised Solo) 


(Note-for-note, measure-by-measure analysis of the music) 

“Ballad Impromptu” ,(based on the chord changes to Body And Soul) Composed by Alan Broadbent

“Ruby, My Dear”, Composed by Thelonious Monk

“Introspection”, Composed by Thelonious Monk

“Monk's Mood”, Composed by Thelonious Monk

“All The Things You Are”, Composed by Jerome Kern

“Joy Spring” by Clifford Brown 


Overcoming Writer's Block - Quick Songwriting Ideas To Jumpstart Your Morning 

Liner Notes: 

Reprinted from eight albums in Concord Jazz' Maybeck Recital Hall Series: 

”Kenny Barron Live At Maybeck Recital Hall Volume 10” (Liner Notes by Fred Bouchard) 

”Barry Harris Live At Maybeck Recital Hall Volume 12” (Liner Notes by Andrew Sussman, Fanfare) 

”Steve Kuhn Live At Maybeck Recital Hall Volume 13 “(Liner Notes by Larry Kelp, Music Critic, Oakland Tribune) 

”Alan Broadbent Live At Maybeck Recital Hall Volume 14” (Liner Notes by Gene Lees, Editor Jazzletter) 

”Hank Jones Live At Maybeck Recital Hall Volume 16” (Liner Notes By Leonard Feather) 

”Richie Beirach Live At Maybeck Recital Hall Volume 19” (Liner Notes by Robert L. Doerschuk, Keyboard Magazine) 

”Cedar Walton Live At Maybeck Recital Hall Volume 25 “(Liner Notes by Leonard Feather) 

”Monty Alexander Live At Maybeck Recital Hall Volume 40 “(Liner Notes by Derk Richardson, San Francisco Bay Guardian) 

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