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Facts About Jazz Improv Magazine

This essay about Jazz Improv Magazine, Jazz Improv NY Magazine, Jazz Improv LIVE! Convention is presented to provide clarity in light of inaccurate information that has appeared online and perhaps elsewhere.

Jazz Improv Magazine was founded in 1997 solely and exclusively by Eric Nemeyer. The quarterly publication ranged from 160 to 304 pages, including one or two companion CDs each issue, with full-length tracks by jazz stars & emerging artists. (Visit LinkedIn profile for Jazz Improv Magazine.)

Jazz Improv Magazine was the direct product of Mr. Nemeyer's three decades of experience as a music industry professional-performing, composing/arranging, teaching, recording and publishing. As the exclusive Founder, Creator, Publisher, President and 100% company shareholder of Jazz Improv, beginning with the magazine's inception in 1997 and continuing to 2008, Mr. Nemeyer built the customer base of subscribers & advertisers & developed the nationwide and international distribution network of stores and leading retail chains (Tower Records, Barnes and Noble, Borders and others) that sold Jazz Improv Magazine.

In 2005, Mr. Nemeyer, solely and exclusively, founded, created and launched the monthly Jazz Improv NY Magazine (print & digital, 48 to 100+ pages per issue) including interviews, reviews, articles, comprehensive listings of club, concert and events.

In an effort, to build the Jazz Improv brand, Mr. Nemeyer, solely and exclusively, created the concept and business plan for and produced Jazz Improv LIVE, a 4-day convention in NY in 2007. As Producer, he created 80 panels and workshops; 100 performances by leading & emerging artists, created all marketing and DM plans and materials, advertising and PR copy, sold sponsorships to industry participants & directed all other sponsorship sales & activities.

In July 2009 Jazz Improv published its final issue.

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About the new title  Jazz Inside Magazine

Jazz Inside is the new title I created to continue the tradition that I started as the Founder and Publisher of Jazz Improv Magazine and Jazz Improv NY Magazine for twelve years and four years respectively.

Jazz Inside is brought to you by the same team as the previous title. It features the same foundational understandings and commitments, the same select group of writers. The first issue continued the format of delivering comprehensive interviews, exhaustive one-of-a-kind cover features, reviews of  musical products and CDs, columns, motivational articles and quotes - all in an eye-appealing, easy-to-read layout and design. 

We continued the tradition of providing an enhanced companion CD which features tracks by leading and emerging artists and an e-book in the quarterly issues of Jazz Inside.

For those of you who make music, the e-book featured 100 to 200 pages of instructional articles on improvisation, music theory and more, along with song lead sheets, transcriptions of improvised solos by influential artists, arrangements and musical exercises. Essentially, those elements that you have come to enjoy and that I assembled to make Jazz Improv unique, I have infused into Jazz Inside Magazine.

In 2010, we combined Jazz Inside NY into Jazz Inside Magazine, and now publish Jazz Inside as a monthly. 


One of the most important reasons for the new title - Jazz Inside - was so that I could publish a periodical that could  reach and influence the broadest demographic that populates the jazz landscape. For now, I have suspended publication under the Jazz Improv banner to make room for growth and expansion.

The word “improv” also had a connotation that seemed to limit appeal only to musicians, even though the majority of our content is equally valuable to non-musicians as well as creators of the music. I wanted to do away with the false assumption by many non-musician jazz lovers that because there was some music in the magazine, that the other 200 pages of interviews and reviews were somehow not for them.

Actually, a number of readers who didn’t play music commented that the analyses and instructional articles, side-by-side with the interviews and other  content, actually helped give them a better understanding of the music that they love—or an inside view. They were able to get inside the creative process of their favorite musicians.

In 1997, when I founded Jazz Improv Magazine, the sub-title was “Timeless Music, Motivation and Ideas.” I wanted the magazine to embody much more than the surface elements of, for example, just what scales or chords an artist might play, or what type or brand or model reeds or drum sticks or piano a musician might be using to perform. I wanted readers to be motivated and inspired by ideas that transcend time.

Contributing to those unique qualities embodied by the magazine was the synergy of an array of concepts – and uniquely created by artists and musicians for readers. That synergy involves the combination of the music in the magazine, the concepts of and instructional articles about improvisation, the ideas about personal development, motivation, the philosophies of great thinkers, the photos, and the resultant energy.

Initially, I began publishing motivational quotes and common sense ideas in little quote boxes—to remind myself how I wanted to live. Readers loved them and found them to be guiding lights in their own lives. The majority of our relationships in life are transactional ones—the buying and selling of goods and services. But, the truly meaningful relationships in life are transformational ones.

My intent with Jazz Improv was, as it is with Jazz Inside Magazine and Jazz Inside Magazine is to create a publication that enables readers to have some sort of transformational experience.

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Eric Nemeyer

Back Issues of Jazz Improv Magazine:
How to order copies of back issue

Good news! Jazz Inside has acquired the entire library of back issues of Jazz Improv and they are available for sale.

To view the contents of each of the 21 available back issues (of 31 that were published), go to


At that website, you may order the entire collection of remaining back issues as a set, for $177 plus shipping.

If you would like to order single copies of any of the issues they are available for $24.95 each plus shipping including companion CDs (where available). Call 215-887-8880 to order single copies. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Paypal.

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Download a free copy of Jazz Inside Magazine every month at the Jazz Inside Magazine website -   www.JazzInsideMagazine.com.

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