Jazz Improv, Vol. 3, No. 4, Billy Taylor, cover (Print Edition & Companion CD)

Jazz Improv, Vol. 3, No. 4, Billy Taylor, cover (Print Edition & Companion CD)


Billy Taylor, “Local Color/Can You Dig It?”

Hank Jones, “Robbin’s Nest”

Thad Jones, “Rhoda Map”

George Coleman, “Up Jumped Spring”

Michel Camilo, “Piece of Cake”

Bob Sheppard, “Bait & Switch”

Bill O’ Connell, “Son Of A Montuno”

Dave Leonhardt, “Solar”

Monica Hatch, “You Go To My Head”

Dom Minasi, “Solitude”

Harry Skoler, “How Am I To Know”

Tony Monaco, “Acid Wash”

Eric Nemeyer, “It Could Happen To You" 


Dr. Billy Taylor: Biography, Songs, Books, Websites


“Tell Your Own Story,” An Interview With Billy Taylor, by Eric Nemeyer

The Tenor of Authority, An Interview With George Coleman, by Eric Nemeyer The Continuous Process of Growth—An Interview With Hank Jones, by Eric Nemeyer

Clarity in Life and Music—An Interview With Renee Rosnes, by Bill Donaldson

Honesty Is The Best Policy—An Interview With Tony Monaco by Bill Donaldson

Voice Full of Joy—An Interview with Dominique Eade, by Devra Hall 


The Real World, A Sudden Reversal of Fortune, by Todd Coolman

Collected Wisdom, The Day The Music Died, by Don Glasgo

Well Being, Growing After Deceit and Dishonesty, by Petrene Soames

Perspective: The Process of Internalization, by Mel Martin

Practice: Building A Personal Repertoire by Paul Combs

Motivation: The Spiritual Nourishment of Musicians, by Darrin Koltow

Latin: 21st Century Musician’s Guide To Latin Music—Part 8, by Richie Zellon

Melody: Develop Melodic Lines Through The Application of Chromatic & Diatonic Neighbor Triads by Eric Nemeyer

Harmony: Getting From Here To There - Creating Melodic Ideas From Harmonic Embellishment by Eric Nemeyer

Chords: Permutations of Open 7th Chords (1-5-7-3) by Eric Nemeyer

Scales & Patterns: “Push Runs” & “Pull Runs” Exploring Different Paths To Target Notes & Register Changes by Eric Nemeyer

Mind, Body & Spirit: Is This Really Your Own Truth- The Pitfalls of Rationalizing Our Behavior vs. Taking Responsibility, by Eric Nemeyer

Human Nature: Purity of Purpose-Keeping Score vs. The Enjoyment of Playing The Game by Eric Nemeyer 

Transcribed Solos: 

George Coleman, Tenor Sax Solo “Up Jumped Spring” Transcribed by John Alexander

Hank Jones, Piano Solo, “Mean What You Say” Transcribed by Aaron Garner

Hank Jones, Piano Solo “Robbin’s Nest” Transcribed by Rick Helzer

Billy Taylor, Piano Solo “Local Color/Can You Dig It” Transcribed by Reed Kotler


“Up Jumped Spring” Composed by Freddie Hubbard

“Robbin’s Nest” Composed by Illinois Jacquet

“New Girl” Composed by Duke Pearson

“Piece of Cake” Composed by Michel Camilo

“Bait & Switch” Composed By Bob Sheppard 


“Up Jumped Spring” Composed by Freddie Hubbard, Analysis by Eric Nemeyer

“Conception” Composed by George Shearing Analysis by Eric Nemeyer 

Exercises Scales Patterns: 


Scales: “Up Jumped Spring 

Chord Permutations: 3-1-7-5

Intervals: Fourths 

Embellished Triads: “Robbin’s Nest” 

CD Reviews: 

Beegie Adair, Dream Dancing 

Kei Akagi, New Smiles & Travelled Miles

Carol Akerson, Duke Is The One

Karrin Allyson, Remebering Coltrane 

Louis Armstrong, Satchmo The Great 

Lynne Arriale, Live At Montreaux

Chet Baker, The ‘50s

Kenny Barron/Regina Carter, Freefall 

Chris Bergson, Wait For Spring 

Jeff Berlin, In Harmony’s Way

Ron Berman, Songs of Alan Broadbent

Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band, Swingin’ For The Fences 

Jane Ira Bloom, Sometimes The Magic

Christer Boustedt, Blues, Ballads & Bebop 

Howard Brofsky, 73 Down

Jeannie Bryson, Deja Blue 

John Burnett & His Orchestra, Swingin’ In The Windy City

David Chevan/Warren Byrd, Let Us break Bread Together 

Chicago Metropolitan Jazz Orchestra, Labor Of Love

Harold Danko, Nightscapes 

Bill Dixon/T. Oxley, Papayrus, Vol. 1

Paul Dunmall, The Great Divide

Catherine Dupuis, Moments 

Mark Elf, Swingin’

Duke Ellington, Duke At Fargo, 1940

Connie Evingson, Some Cats Know 

Garrison Fewell, Birdland Sessions

Dexter Gordon, L.T.D.-Live At Left Bank

Gerard Hagen, Stay Tuned 

Coleman Hawkins, Swiss Radio Days

Freddie Hubbard, New Colors 

Diane Hubka, Haven’t We Met

Interplay Jack Jezzro, Jazz Elegance

Freddie Jones, My Father’s House

Hank Jones, Red Mitchell, Duo

Jonathan Katz, Continuance 

Steve Laspina, Distant Dream

David Leonhardt, Reflections 

Mark Levine, Hey It’s Me

Mike Longo, Still Swingin’ 

Joe Lovano, Flights of Fancy

Gene Ludwig, Back On The Track 

Nilson Matta, H. Meurkens, Econtros

Cassandre McKinley, Stay The Night 

Jenny Menna, Tony Gaboury, Alone Together

Jay Messer, Bayside Mingus Big Band, Essential

Al Molina, The Gift 

Thelonious Monk, Columbia Yrs ‘62-’68 

Thelonious Monk, Complete Prestige Recordings

New Vintage Big Band, Always & Forever

Dave Peck, 3 And 1 Kenny Polson, Paradise

Benjie Porecki, The Rest Of My Life 

Jim Riley, Some Colorado Friends

Sonny Rollins, This Is What I Do

Lalo Schifrin, Intersections, Jazz Meets Symphony

John Scofield, vWorks For Me Little 

Jimmy Scott, The Savoy Years

Shirley Scott, Like Cozy

George Shearing, Back To Birdland 

Bob Sheppard, In The Now (Sirocco) 

Southern Jazz, There’s No Place Like Home 

Mary Starr, Cry Me A River

Dick Sudhalter, And His London Friends 

Ira Sullivan, Bird Lives

Jorge Sylvester, In The Ear of The Beholder

Toots Thielemans, Live Takes, Vol. 1 Steve Turre, TNT (Telarc) 

Gary Urwin, Perspectives 

Mike Wofford, Time Cafe

Phil Woods, Bill Charlap, Voyage

Scotty Wright, Rhythm, Reason and Rhyme 

Pamela York, Blue York 

Book/DVD Reviews: 

Before Motown-A History of Jazz In Detroit, 1920-1960

The Giants Of Jazz Piano

Lester Leaps In: The Life and Times of Lester “Pres” Young

Jazz Memories-Music Of The Jazz Masters

Bill Evans-Everything Happens To Me

Intermediate Jazz Improvisation Cedar Walton Collection

Premier Jazz Series-Arrangements by Quincy Jones and Sammy Nestico (Warner Bros)

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