Jazz Improv, Vol. 4, No. 1, Kenny Burrell, cover (Print Edition & Companion CD)

Jazz Improv, Vol. 4, No. 1, Kenny Burrell, cover (Print Edition & Companion CD)


Kenny Burrell, “If You Could See Me Now” 

Kenny Burrell & Jimmy Smith, “Blue Bash” 

Freddie Hubbard, “Come Rain Come Shine” 

Sammy Nestico, “This Is The Moment” 

Cannonball Adderley, “If I Love Again” 

Jazz At Lincoln Center, “Wynton Marsalis discusses arranging with LCJO performing” 

Mel Martin, “Whizbang” 

Ben Sher, “Please Take Me To Brasil” 

Jackie Ryan, “Once In Everyone’s Life” 

Tim Cummiskey, “I’ll Close My Eyes” 

Chirs Potter, “Snake Oil” 

Jim Riley, “ Earl’s Tune” 

Ken Hatfield, “The Aleph” 

Eric Nemeyer, “Blessing In Disguise" 


Feature: A Man Of His Word - An Interview With Kenny Burrell by Eric Nemeyer 


Catching An Open Spirit - An Interview With “Stix” Hooper by Eric Nemeyer

Less Chops, More Heart - An Interview With Mimi Fox, by Devra Hall 


The Real World: Detour Ahead, by Todd Coolman

Collected Wisdom: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, by Don Glasgo

Well Being: Spiritual Approaches To Surviving Life Changes, by Petrene Soames

Perspective: Swing’s The Thing, by Mel Martin

Practice: Making The Most of Daily Exercises, by Paul Combs

Motivation: The Lessons Of Wes (Montgomery), by Darrin Koltow

Personality: Remembering Ted Dunbar by Jim Josselyn

Lesson: “Creative Cooking” - Blending Classic Jazz Ingredients by Mark Stefani

Jazz Piano Perspectives: Voicings, Part 1, by Rick Helzer

Latin: 21st Century Musician’s Guide To Latin Jazz—Part 9, by Richie Zellon

Chords: Exploring The Full Range Of Your Instrument Using Chord Arpeggios by Eric Nemeyer

Intervals: Descending Third Intervals Within Ascending and Descending Lines by Eric Nemeyer

Melody: Linear Shapes—Exploring The Directional and Note Order Permutations of Seventh-Chord Tones—Part 2 by Eric Nemeyer

Mind, Body & Spirit: Character vs. Reputation—Please Identify Who You Really Are, by Eric Nemeyer 

Transcribed Solos: 

Freddie Hubbard, Trumpet Solo “Come Rain Or Come Shine” Transcribed by Ethan Gutzeit

Bill Evans, Piano Solo “Come Rain Or Come Shine” Transcribed by Rick Helzer

Sonny Clark, Piano Solo “Come Rain Or Come Shine” Transcribed by Rick Helzer

Wes Montgomery, Guitar Solo “If You Could See Me Now” Transcribed by Reed Kotler

Kenny Burrell, Guitar Solo “If You Could See Me Now” Transcribed by Ethan Gutzeit

Cannonball Adderley, Alto Solo, “If I Love Again” Transcribed by John Alexander 


“Come Rain Or Come Shine” Composed by Harold Arlen

“If You Could See Me Now” Composed by Tad Dameron

“This Is The Moment” Composed by Sammy Nestico

“Blessing In Disguise” Composed by Eric Nemeyer

“Snake Oil” Composed By Chris Potter

“Earl’s Tune” Composed by Earl Swope

“Whizbang” Composed by Mel Martin 


“Come Rain Or Come Shine” Composed by Harold Arlen, Analysis by Eric Nemeyer

“If You Could See Me Now” Composed by Tad Dameron Analysis by Eric Nemeyer 

Exercises Scales Patterns: 

Chords: “Come Rain Or Come Shine” (Full Range of Instrument) Chord Arpeggios-Full Length of Inst. 

Intervals: “Come Rain Or Come Shine” (Third Intervals) 

Chord Shapes: Root Position

Chord Shapes: First Inversion

Harmony: Table—Using Upper or Lower Neighbor Major Triads To Move Away From Original Chord 

Chords: Neighbor Triads, 1/2 Step, Alternating Direction

Chords: Neighbor Triads, Whole Step, Same Direction 

CD Reviews: 

Claudia Acuna, Wind From The South

Steve Adelson, The Answer’s Inside

Karl Anthony, All Of Us Dave Askren, Re: Bill Evans

David Azarian, Longing

Ali Ryerson-Joe Beck, Django 

Lori Bell, Lori Bell

Lenny Breau, Pickin’ Cotton 

Dee Dee Bridgewater, This Is New

Kenny Burrell, Lucky So and So 

Kenny Burrell, Stolen Moments

Gary Burton, Virtuosi 

Michel Camilo, Triangulo

Caraher, Caraher Greg Chako, Integration II

Chicago Jazz Ensemble, Kenton Ala Russo 

Sarah Jane Cion, Summer Nights

Matt Criscuolo, Streets Of New York

Connie Crothers, (1) Music From Everyday Life; (2) Ontology

Randy Dorman, No Boundaries

Duke Ellington, Togo Brava Suite 

Vince Ercolamento, Delightful Eyes

Peter Erskine, Badlands

Spiros Exaras, Phrygianics Ex-Hermanites 

Carl Filipiak, Looking Forward, Looking Back

Charles Flores, Reminiscence 

Satoko Fujii, Junction, Vulcan

Benny Golson, Time Speaks 

Charlie Haden, Nocturne

Jim Hall, Jim Hall & Basses 

Ken Hatfield, Phoenix Rising

Milt Hinton, The Judge At His Best 

Robert Jacobson, Coldwater

Rick Jarrett, Back To Romance

Gary Keller, Blues For An Old New age

Pat Kelley, 3 Guitars, 

Ron Kobayashi, No Preservatives- The Legacy Lives On (Mack Avenue) 

Lisa LeMay, In A Sentimental Mood

Lemon Juice Quartet, Peasant Songs

Abbey Lincoln, Over The Years 

Joe LoCascio, Close To So Far

Sean Loescher, Distance 

Los Hombres Calientes, New Congo

Russell Malone, Heartstrings

Bill Mays-Marvin Stamm, By Ourselves 

Charles McPherson, Is That It? No, But 

Charles Mingus, West Coast 1945-1949

Tony Monaco, Intimately Live at 501 

Dave Mosick, Up Against It

Doug Munro, Amalgamation 

New York Voices, Sing! Sing! Sing! 

Bill O’Connell, Black Sand 

Dave Pietro, Standard Wonder

John Pizzarelli, Rare Delight Of You

Pat Pratico, For My Jazz Mentors

Django Reinhardt, Classic Rec. Vol. 2

Sonny Rollins-Art Farmer, Jazz Casual

Ellen Robinson, On My Way To You

Vinnie Ruggieri, Soul Eyes

Jackie Ryan, Passion Flower

Ben Sher & Tudo Bem, Please Take Me To Brasil 

Wayne Shorter, Footprints Live

Slice Of Pi Bob Stata, Solid Stata

Bill Trujillo, It’s Tru

Tree On Ik

Vanguard Jazz Orch, Can I Persuade 

Marshall Vente Project 9, Marshall Law 

Mike Wheeler, Trio

Jack Wilkins, Reunion

Paul Chambers-Wynton Kelly (Complete Vee Jay Sessions, Mosaic) 

Tim Cummiskey, Alone Together 

Steve Herberman, Thoughtlines 

Dom Minasi, Takin’ The Duke Out 

Book/DVD Reviews: 

Castles Made Of Sound-The Story of Gil Evans, by Larry Hicock, Reviewed by Virginia Schaeffer

Open The Door-The Life and Music Of Betty Carter, by William Bauer, Reviewed by Michelle Labieniec-Despard

Grant Green-Rediscovering The Forgotten Genius of Jazz Guitar, by Sharony Andrews Green, Reviewed by W. Lawrence May

Creative Jazz Improvisation by Scott Reeves

Jazz Piano Chords by Misha V. Stefanuk

Product Reviews: 

SLS Loudspeakers, Reviewed by Gary Henry and Colby Dix of Northern Track Recording Studios

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