Jazz Improv, Vol. 4, No. 3, Art Blakey, cover (Print Edition & 2 Companion CDs)

Jazz Improv, Vol. 4, No. 3, Art Blakey, cover (Print Edition & 2 Companion CDs)


2 CDs Enclosed Blue CD:

Tony Monaco & Joey DeFrancesco, Katerina’s Prayer

Mike Kennedy, Teahouse

Gerald Wilson, Blues For The Count

Priscilla Wright, I Got Lost In His Arms

Andrew Hill, Sideways

Art Blakey, Invitation

Eric Nemeyer, Short & Sassy

Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra, Bu’s Moods

Sonny Still, Webb City

Jackie Ryan, Season’s of the Heart

Chris Cortez, Jammin’ With Jay

Russell Malone, Hand Told Stories

Bill McCormick, The Nights Get So Cool Here

Oscar Stagnaro, Rabbi Vellanatowitz

Red CD:

Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers, In Walked Bud

Jim Gailloreto, The Insider

Ron Blake, Mighty Burner

Jackie Allen, You Could Be Fred

Tom Wright & Zach Brock, Deadline City

Art Blakey, Just Knock On My Door

Steve Yeager, New Groove Blues

Al Basille, B. D. 

G-Fire, Passin’ Thru

Kari Gaffney, Summertime

Fats Navarro, Webb City

Frank Macchia, The Birds of Tower Island

Chassidic Jazz Quartet, Keli Atoh

Novak & Haar, J&M Blues 


Art Blakey, by John R. Barrett, Jr. 


Covering The Bases—An Interview With Wynton Marsalis

Knowing The Score: The Business & The Music An Interview With Bobby Watson, by Dr. Wayne Goins

Greeting Every Note As If They Were People—An Interview With Branford Marsalis, by Marco Pignataro

Art Changed My Life—An Interview With Valery Ponomarev, by Eric Nemeyer

The Balance Between Ego & Humility—An Interview With Adam Nussbaum, by Bill Donaldson

Playing An Essential Role—An Interview With Jimmy Cobb, by Bill Donaldson

A Spotlight Perspective on Alto Saxophonist Bruce Williams, by Vince Giantomassi

Interview with Frank Macchia 


The Real World: Serendipity, by Todd Coolman

Collected Wisdom: Bring On The Funk, by Don Glasgo

Ethics & Integrity: Paranoia & Illusions and Developing Relationships, by Eric Nemeyer

Bebop: Gil Fuller Speaks, by Paul Combs

Influence & Style: Jazz Matters-Developing A Philosophy of Jazz by Marco Pignataro

Sensitivity Training: Ear & Listening Development, Secrets of Transcribing—Innovation Through Imitation by Mark Stefani

Melody: More Creative Cooking, Linear Concepts-Major Moves by Mark Stefani

Jazz Piano Perspectives: Voicings, Part 3—Open Position Voicings, by Rick Helzer

Harmony: “A Visceral Approach To Harmony” by Greg Fishman

Latin: 21st Century Musician’s Guide To Latin Jazz—Part 11, by Richie Zellon

Arranging: Big Band Arranging-Write What Sounds Good-A 12 Step Program To Writing A One-Chorus Big Band Chart, by Dr. Mike Bogle

Success & Happpiness: Barry Manilow or Barry Manilow? Be Careful What You Wish For, You May Just Get It, by Ellen Kahn

Chords: Superimposing Major Triads, by Mark Tonelli

Repertoire: Black Belt In Jazz by Dr. Mike Bogle

Rhythm: Blakey’s Beat, by Dave Miele

Harmony: Moving Away & Coming Back—Using Diatonic and Chromatic Neighbor Triads to Create Tension & Interest In Your Improvisation & Accompaniment, by Eric Nemeyer

Mind, Body & Spirit: Reciprocation, by Eric Nemeyer 

Transcribed Solos: 

Wayne Shorter, Tenor Sax solo “Invitation” 

Curtis Fuller, Trombone solo, “Invitation” 

Bobby Timmons, Piano solo, “Invitation” 

Lee Morgan, Trumpet solo, “Invitation” 

Sonny Stitt, Alto sax solo, “Just Knock On My Door” 

Cedar Walton, Piano solo, “Just In Time” 

Fats Navarro, Trumpet solo, “Webb City (Concert) 

Sonny Stitt, Alto sax solo, “Webb City” 

Wynton Marsalis, Trumpet solo, “In Walked Bud” 


“Teahouse” Composed by Mike Kennedy

“New Groove Blues” Composed by Steve Yeager

“Short & Sassy” Composed by Eric Nemeyer

“J&M Blues” Composed by Jon Novak

“B.D.” Composed by Al Basile

“In Walked Bud” Composed by Thelonious Monk

“Webb City” Composed by Bud Powell

“To The Nines” Comp. Greg Fishman 


“In Walked Bud” Comp. Thelonious Monk. Analysis by Eric Nemeyer 

“Webb City” Comp. By Bud Powell. Analysis by Eric Nemeyer 

Exercises Scales Patterns: 

Chord Arpeggios: Root position & inversions on “In Walked Bud

Patterns: 3-1-2-3, 5-3-4-5 on “Invitation” 

Patterns: 1-2-3-5, 5-3-2-1 on “Webb City” 

CD Reviews: 

Jackie Allen, The Men In My Life 

John Allmark, John Allmark Orchestra

Karrin Allyson, In Blue 

Franco Ambrosetti, The Winners

Sheryl Bailey, The Power of 3

Kenny Barron, Canta Brasil 

Nate Birkey, Ballads Al Basile, Red Breath

Art Blakey, Coast To Coast Art Blakey, Keystone 3

Rodney Booth, Look Over There 

Don Bowyer, Itchin’ In The Kitchen

Gerry Hemingway, Shooters & Bowlers 

Rosemary Clooney, Sent. Journey

Mark Colby, Tenor Refernce 

Jack Cooper, Jazz Orch. of the Delta

Chris Cortez, Groovopolis

Astrid Cowan, Inner Pathways

Curtis Fuller, Four On The Outside 

G-Fire, G-Fire

Kari Gaffney, Satin Doll 

Jim Gailloreto, The Insider

Gerard Gibbs, To Be or Not To B3 

Terry Gibbs, From Me To You

Chris Greco, Pleiadian Call

Bobby Hackett, Live-Roosevelt Grill 

Charlie Haden, American Dreams

Woody Herman, Band That Plays Blues 

Fred Hess, Extended Family

Hinda Hoffman, Moon and Sand 

Reuben Hoch, Chassidic Jazz Quartet

Keith Jarrett, Up For It 

Robert Jospe, Time To Play

Gregg Kallor, There’s A Rhythm 

Lisa Kelly, J.B. Scott, Memories of…

Mike Kennedy, Quartet No. 1 

Mike Longo, Live-Detroit Intl Jazz Fest

Frank Macchia, Galapago Suite 

Kitty Margolis, Left Coast Life

Tony Monaco, A New Generation Steve 

Million, Poetic Necessities

Thelonious Monk, Trio

Bill McCormick, Music For Guitar 

Novak & Haar, A Summer’s Carol

Veronica Nunn, American Lullaby 

Orna, The Very Thought of You

Gil Parris, Blue Thumb 

Don Payne, Rhapsodic Echoes

Bobby Vince Paunetto, Commit To Memory 

Roberta Piket, I’m Back In Therapy

Bud Powell, Live In Lausanne 1962 

Flora Purim, Perpetual Emotion 

Ted Rosenthal, ThBen Schachter, The Missing Beloved; Inside Looking Out

Diane Schuur-Maynard Ferguson, Swingin’ For Schuur 

Jimmy Smith, Definitive Jimmy Smith

Keely Smith, Keely Swings Basie Style 

Jacky Terrasson, Smile

McCoy Tyner, Plays John Coltrane 

Johnnie Valentino, Searching Souls 

Vienna Art Orchestra, Artistry Rhythm

Gerald Wilson, New York New Sound

Priscilla Wright, Singer & The Song 

Tom Wright, Common Ground

Pete Malinverni, Autumn In New York

Delores Major, Up Close 

Eric Skye, Acoustic Jazz Guitar Solos

Mayra Caridad Valdes, La Diosa Del Mar

Jackie Ryan, This Heart of Mine 

Kenn Smith, Short Stories 

Book/DVD Reviews: 

Rat Race Blues-The Musical Life of Gigi Gryce, by Michael Fitzgerald. Reviewed by Virginia Schaefer 

Jelly’s Blues: The Life, Music, and Redemption of Jelly Roll Morton, Reviewed by Virginia Schaeffer

The Big Band Drummer, by Ron Spagnardi 

Tipbook: Drums. Reviewed by Dave Miele

DVD Review: The Art of Improvisation For All Jazz Musicians, Version 2 

Product Reviews: 

Pritchard Amplifier-”The Sultry Margeaux”

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