Jazz Improv, Vol. 4, No. 4, Pat Metheny, cover (Print Edition & Companion CD)

Jazz Improv, Vol. 4, No. 4, Pat Metheny, cover (Print Edition & Companion CD)


Dave Glasser, "Team Time” 

Matt Criscuolo, “Duality” 

Jackie Ryan, “When I Grow Too Old To Dream” 

John Stein, “Eleanor’s Folly” 

Robert conti, “Death By Chops” 

Gary Burton with Pat Metheny, “Elucidation” 

Eric Nemeyer, “Bananas and Cream” 

Jimmy Bruno, “Benny’s Blues” 

Steve Adelson, “Tap Dance” 

Lainie Cooke, “Let’s Do It” 

Eric Bolvin, “Pindrop” 

Joe Lovano/Hank Jones, “I’m All For You” 

Peter Leitch, “Allyson”

Ken Hatfield, “Mixed Motion” 


In Depth Exploration—An Interview With Pat Metheny, by Eric Nemeyer 

Pat Metheny Albums & Recorded Appearances, Researched & Compiled by John Barrett, Jr. 

Searching for Charlie Christian, by Dr. Wayne Goins 


Roni Ben-Hur

Jimmy Bruno

Robert Conti

Chris Cortez

Carl Filipiak

Bruce Foreman

Grant Green, Jr. 

Tom Guarna

Ken Hatfield

Henry Johnson

Peter Leitch

Chuck Loeb

Doug Munro

Gil Parris

John Stein

Dave Stryker

Nneena Freelon

Carmen Lundy

Jackie Ryan

Jackie Allen

Karrin Allyson

Jane Blackstone

Jeanie Bryson

Lainie Cooke

Meredith D’Ambrosio

Deborah Davis

Madeline Eastman

Ruth Naomi Floyd

Wendee Glick

Angela Hagenbach

Ellen Johnson

Nancy Kelly

Denise King

Arlee Leonard

Jon Lucien

Rene Marie

Kate McGarry

Veronica Nunn

Bob Stewart

Roseanna Vitro

Carla White

Lenora Zenzalai-Helm 


The Real World: Made In Japan, by Todd Coolman

Collected Wisdom: Who Got Rhythm, by Don Glasgo

Composing: Liquid Theory: A Few Thoughts on Tune Writing and Jazz Improvisation, by Dr. Mike Bogle 

Mind, Body & Spirit: Instant Gratification, by Eric Nemeyer

Influence & Style: Self Growth In Jazz: A Humanistic Perspective, by Marco Pignataro

Jazz Piano Perspectives: Voicings, Part 4—Open Position Voicings, by Rick Helzer

Harmony: The Minor ii-V by Roni Ben-Hur

Lesson: Adventures In Changes: Part I: Robert Conti’s “Death By Chops” by Mark Stefani 

Rhythm: You’ve Got Rhythm—If You Know Where To Look, by Harold Danko and Alan M. Perlman

Harmony: The Stick, by Steve Adelson 

Transcribed Solos: 

Pat Metheny, Guitar solo “James” (Transcribed by John McGann) 

Pat Metheny, Guitar solo, “Elucidation” (Transcribed by John McGann) 

Dave Glasser, Alto Sax solo, “Team Time” (Transcribed by Josh Musselwhite) 

Joe Lovano, Tenor Sax solo, “I’m All For You” (Transcribed by John Alexander) 

Henry Johnson, Guitar solo, “Third Rail” (Transcribed by Wolf Marshall) 


“Elucidation,” Composed by Pat Metheny

“Tap Dance,” Composed by Steve Adelson

“Third Rail,” Composed by Henry Johnson

“Mixed Motion,” Composed by Ken Hatfield

“Duality,” Composed by Matt Criscuolo

“Pindrop,” Composed by Eric Bolvin 


“Monk’s Mood” Comp. Thelonious Monk. Analysis by Eric Nemeyer 

Exercises Scales Patterns: 

Chord Arpeggios-”Monk’s Mood” 

Patterns (3-1-2-3)-”Monk’s Mood” 

Patterns (1-2-3-5)- “Monk’s Mood” 

CD Reviews: 

"Don Aliquo, Another Reply

Tim Armacost, Brightly Dark

Joshua Bayer, Lines and Grooves

Carla Bley, Looking for America

Eric Bolvin, Quorum

Ray Brown, Some of...Guitarists

Chris Buzzelli, I Can Pick My Friends

Michelle Camilo, Live at the Blue Note

Ron Carter, The Golden Striker

Alex Coke, New Texas Swing

Les DeMerle, Hittin’ The Blue Notes

Lainie Cooke, Here’s to Life

Bob DeVos, Groove Guitar

Eric Elias, My Compliments

Michael Fath, All of Me

Christine Fawson, Happy Talk

Garrison Fewell, City of Dreams

Luis Garay, Sacamba

Daniel Glass, Something Colorful

Dave Glasser, Begin Again

Angela Hagenbach, Poetry of Love

Ken Hatfield, The Surrealist Table

Henry Johnson, Organic

Hank Jones, Milt Hinton, Bobby Rosengarden, The Trio

Valerie Joyce, Reverie

Steven Kirby, North Light

Mark Kleinhaut, A Balance of Light

Larry Koonse, Americana

Ernie Krivda, Music of Ernie Krivda

Ralph Lalama, You Know What I Mean

Bill Lancton, Vintage Melange

Joe Lovano, I’m All For You

Carmen Lundy, Something To Believe In

Pat Martino, Think Tank

Dom Minasi, Time Will Tell

Jeff Marx, Treading Air, Breathing 

Drori Mondlak, Wake-Up Call

Denise Montana, In My Life

Paul Motian, Holiday for Strings

New Jazz Composers Octet, Walkin’ the Line

Octobop, Night Lights

Phishbacher, Chillin’

Dan Ramsey, Gentle Giants

Joshua Redman, Elastic

Diane Reeves, A Little Moonlight

Nika Rejto, Midnite Kiss

Barbara Rosene, Everything’s Made for Love

Arthur Rotfeld, Poinciana

Sandy Sasso, Mixed Grill

Greg Skaff, Blues for Mr. T

Vince Seneri, Urban Paradise

Bill Stevens, Dedication

Sue Terry, Pink Slimy Worm

Rich Thompson, Stop-Start

Rich Walker, Lazybird Revisited

Tom Warrington, Corduroy Road

Carla White, The Sweetest Sounds

Cassandra Wilson, Glamoured

Rik Wright, Polymorphism

Steve Yeager, New Groove Blues

Karen Zumbrunn, Twilight World 

Book/DVD Reviews: 

“Rock/Fusion Improvising,” Taught by Carl Filipiak(a volume in the Mel Bay Publications Private Lessons Series), Reviewed by Winthrop Bedford

“Improvisation for The Contemporary Musician,” by Arnie Berle. Reviewed by Michelle Labieniec-Despard 

“MusicHound Jazz: The Essential Album Guide” (Published by Music Sales Corporation), Reviewed by Virginia Schaeffer 

Product Reviews: 

Pritchard Amplifier- “The Sword of Satori”

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