Jazz Improv, Vol. 5, No. 1, Dizzy Gillespie, cover (Print Edition & Companion CD)

Jazz Improv, Vol. 5, No. 1, Dizzy Gillespie, cover (Print Edition & Companion CD)


Jon Faddis, Riverside Park

Dizzy Gillespie, Two Bass Hit

Dr. Michael White, Dancing in the Sky

Continuum (Jimmy Heath, Kenny Barron, Slide Hampton, Ron Carter, Art Taylor, Lady Bird

Corey Christiansen, Little Hands, Big Dreams

Jeff Coffin, Walking on Thin Air

Marvin Stamm, Three and One

Jim McFalls, Big Bad Drummin’ Dude

Bob Acri, Wake Robin

Dan Jacobs, Blue

Jeff Marx, Treading Air

Eric Nemeyer, The Real World 


An Interview With Jon Faddis, by Eric Nemeyer 


Brass Players

Randy Brecker

Curtis Fuller

Marvin Stamm

Cecil Bridgewater

Orbert Davis

Dave Douglas

Tim Hagans

Mark Isham

Sean Jones

Saskia Laroo

Tony Lujan

Brian Lynch

Dmitri Matheny

Mike Metheny

Flip Oakes

Jeremy Pelt

J.B. Scott

Bobby Shew

Ray Vega 


The Real World: Summertime Eulogies, by Todd Coolman

Collected Wisdom: What You Talkin’ ‘Bout, by Don Glasgo

Jazz & Beyond: The Unbearable Lightness of Being: A Humanistic Perspective, by Marco Pignataro

Jazz Piano Perspectives: More on Left Hand Voicings, by Rick Helzer

Melody: Elements of Jazz – Melodic Displacement, by Greg Fishman

Composing: Liquid Theory: A Few Thoughts on Tune Writing and Jazz Improvisation, by Dr. Mike Bogle 

Lesson: Adventures In Changes: Handling the “A” Section, by Mark Stefani 

Latin : 21st Century Musicians Guide – Part 12, by Richie Zellon

From Theory to Imagination: The Ins and Outs of “Lady Bird”, by Eric Nemeyer

Mind, Body & Spirit: Instant Gratification, by Eric Nemeyer 

Transcribed Solos: 

Kenny Dorham, Trumpet solo “Lady Bird” (Transcribed by Dan Heflin) 

Dizzy Gilespie, Trumpet solo, “Two Bass Hit” (Transcribed by Dan Heflin) 

Sonny Clark, Piano solo, “Two Bass Hit” (Transcribed by Aaron Garner) 

John Coltrane, Tenor Sax solo, “Two Bass Hit” (Transcribed by Josh Musselwhite) 

Jimmy Heath, Tenor Sax solo, “Lady Bird.” (Transcribed by Rick Helzer) 

Kenny Barron, Piano solo, “Lady Bird” (Transcribed by Rick Helzer) 

George Coleman, Tenor Sax solo, “Lush Life” (Transcribed by John Alexander) 


“Blue” Composed by Bobby Shew

“Lady Bird” Composed by Tadd Dameron

“Lush Life” Composed by Billy Strayhorn

“Walking On Thin Water” Composed by Jeff Coffin

“Dancing In The Sky”Composed by Dr. Michael White 


"John Coltrane’s solos on “Two Bass Hit” by Josh Musselwhite

“Lady Bird” Composed by Tadd Dameron. Analysis by Eric Nemeyer

“Lush Life” Composed by Billy Strayhorn. Analysis by Eric Nemeyer

Jimmy Heath, Kenny Barron solos on “Lady Bird” by Rick Helzer" 

Exercises Scales Patterns: 

(these appear as part of the article “The “In’s” & “Outs” of Lady Bird”) 

Scales: Ascending & Descending

Scales: Beginning On A Note Other Than The Root

Pentatonic Scales (Chart) - Inside/Outside

Modal Pentatonics (as “Push Runs”) 

Chord Arpeggios (Asc/Desc) 

Chord Arpeggios—Full Length of Instrument

Permutations of notes of 7th Chords & Neighbor 7th Chords

Triads - Embellished from half step above top note

7th Chords & Upper & Lower Neighbor 7th Chords

Patterns - 3-1-2-3, 1-3-2-1

Intervals - Thirds (Descending) 

Intervals—Fourths (Ascending) 

Quartal Voicings of Melody of “Lady Bird” 

Substitutions Suggested by Quartal Voicings of ”Lady Bird” 

Blues - Embellished Scale Patterns 

CD Reviews: 

Rez Abbasi, Out of Body

Jackie Allen, Love Is Blue

Ben Allison, Buzz

Tony Bennett & Bill Evans, Together Again

David Berkman, Start Here, Finish There

Janice Borla, Agents of Change

Bob Brookmeyer, Get Well Soon

Sendy Brown 

Tyrone Brown, Song of The Sun

Gary Burton, Generations

Larry Chernicoff, October

Bill Charlap, Somewhere-Songs of Leonard Bernstein

Corey Christansen, Awakening

Robert Conti, Jazz Quintet-Featuring Mike Wofford

Bill Cunliffe, & Gary Foster, It's About Love

Michael Davis, Trumpets Eleven

John Erickson, And So On

Jon Faddis, Legacy

Carlos Fernandez, East Coast Standards Time

Marco Figueira, Brazilliance

Bruce Forman, Swingin’ Out West

Mimi Fox, She's The Woman

Rebecca Coupe Franks, Tribute To Joe Henderson

Don Friedman, Hot House

Benny Golson, Terminal

Angela Hagenbach, Weaver of Dreams

Stefon Harris, Evolution

Roy Haynes, Fountain Of Youth

Percy Heath, A Love Song

Jacintha, Jacintha Is Her Name

Bob James, Take It From The Top

Victor Janusz, Hands Solo

Daryl Johnson, From The Inside

Sean Jones, Eternal Journey

Joe Kap, Street Nois

Lisa Kelly & J.B. Scott, Live At Simons

John LaBarbera, On The Wild Side

Oliver Lake, Steel Quartet

Saskia Laroo, Sunset Eyes

Kerry Linder, Sail Away With Me

Tony Lujan, Tribute

Milton Marsh, We Are Separate…

Harvey Mason, With All My Heart

Erin McDougald, The Auburn Collection

Al Molina, Amigos Todos

Greg Osby, Public

Gil Parris, Jam This

Jim Pearce, Thirty Year Waltz

Richard Reiter, Live At China Gourmet

Jim Robitaille, To Music

Kelly Rossum, Renovation

Steve Rudolph, Dedicated To You

George Shearing, Like Fine Wine

Ben Siems & The Willie August Project, Surrender To The Wind

Terrell Stafford, New Beginnings

John Stein, Portraits and Landscapes

Bob Stewart, Talk of The Town

Joan Stiles, Love Call

Paul Stranahan Trio, Climbing Somewhere

Ed Thigpen Scantet

Sue Tucker, May I Come In

James Van Buren, Live At The Kasbah

Ramon Vazquez, On The Move

Ray Vega, Squeeze, Squeeze

Roseanna Vitro, Tropical Postcards

Fats Waller, Centennial Collection

Barry Wedgle, Paradise

Dr. Michael White, Dancing In The Sky

Phil Woods & Carl Saunders, Play Henry Mancini

Libby York, Sunday In New York

Rachel Z, Everlasting 

Book/DVD Reviews: 

Just Jazz Guitar Articles, by Jack Wilkins (Mel Bay Publications) 

Jazz Scale Workout, by Ken Karsh (Mel Bay Publications) 

Jazz Guitar Standards—44 Chord Melody Solos (Mel Bay Publications) 

Jazz Guitar Ensembles (Mel Bay Publications) 

Jazz Masters: Miles Davis for Bb Trumpet, by Stuart Isacoff (Music Sales Publ.) 

Product Reviews: 

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