Jazz Improv, Vol. 5, No. 3, Chick Corea, cover (Print Edition & Companion CD)

Jazz Improv, Vol. 5, No. 3, Chick Corea, cover (Print Edition & Companion CD)


Mark Sherman, “Motive #10 Judaican” 

James Silberstein, “Song for Micaela” 

Carli Muñoz, “Three Little Steps To Heaven” 

Leslie Pintchik, “Mortal” 

Chris Cortez, “My Way Is Better” 

Chick Corea, “Tempus Fugit” 

Eric Nemeyer, “Bye Bye Blackbird” 

Roger Kellaway, “I Was There” 

Marvin Stamm, “Waltz for Mia” 

Dick Hindman, “Solar” 

Victor Janusz, “Just Another Sunday” 

Mike Smith, “Bahia” 

Don Stiernberg & John Carlini, “Angel Eyes” 


Annual Piano, Bass & Percussion Directory 

Feature: An Interview with Chick Corea, by Eric Nemeyer 

Feature: An Interview with Buster Williams, by Eric Nemeyer 


Gary Burton 

Kenny Werner


Peter Erskine

Yoron Israel

Gene Jackson

Dan Jacobs

Joe La Barbera

Mike Longo

Dennis Mackrel

Sherrie Maricle

Mulgrew Miller

Jack Mouse

Cathy Rich

Mark Sherman

Don Stiernberg

Marshall Vente

Michael Weiss 


The Real World: Rising From The Ashes, by Todd Coolman 

Collected Wisdom: Brother Ray, by Don Glasgo

Jazz Piano Perspectives: Number 7: Closed Position Rootless Voicings. Expanding the Possibilities, by Rick Helzer

Harmony: Two New Settings, by Greg Fishman

Melody: Augmented Scales and Chords—Suggestions for Practical Application, by Eric Nemeyer

Style & Influence: Perspectives on the IAJE— The Organization, The Convention, by Marco Pignataro

Latin Jazz: The Music of Colombia, Pt. II, by Richie Zellon

Mind, Body & Spirit: Focus on What You Want, Not on What You Don’t Want, by Eric Nemeyer 

Transcribed Solos: 

Charles McPherson, Alto Sax Solo “But Beautiful” (Transcribed by John Alexander)

Miles Davis, Trumpet Solo “Tempus Fugit” (Transcribed by Joshua Musselwhite) 

J.J. Johnson, Trombone Solo “Tempus Fugit” (Transcribed by Joshua Musselwhite)

Chick Corea, Piano Solo “Tempus Fugit” (Transcribed by Rick Helzer)

Chick Corea, Piano Solo “Tempus Fugit” (Transcribed by Raleigh Daley) 

Lead Sheets: 

“Motive #10 Judaican,” Composed by Mark Sherman

“Song For Micaela” Composed by James Silberstein 

“Three Little Steps to Heaven,” Composed by Carli Muñoz

“Mortal” Composed by Leslie Pintchik

“Bahia” Composed by Mike Smith

“I Was There,” Composed by Roger Kellaway

“Tempus Fugit,” Composed by Bud Powell


“Tempus Fugit,” Composed by Bud Powell. Analysis by Eric Nemeyer 

Exercises Scales Patterns: 

Permutations of Chord Arpeggios: 1-7-5-3, etc., “Angel Eyes”

Patterns: 3-1-2-3, “Angel Eyes” 

CD Reviews: 

Rez Abbasi, Snake Charmer 

Lynne Arriale, Come Together

Tony Bennett, Complete Improv Recordings

Melody Breyer-Grell, The Right Time

Jimmy Bruno, Solo

Ray Charles, Genius Loves Company

Ravi Coltrane, In Flux

Chris Cortez, Mum Is The Word

Sam Crain, Sam Crain Trio

Sylvia Cuenca, Exit 13

Claire Daly, Heaven Help Us All

Kevin Dorsey, Inner Journey

James Finn, Opening The Gates

Franklin, Clover, Seales, Colemanology

Mike Frost Project, Nothing Smooth About It

Jeff Hedberg, The Summer Knows

Fred Hersch Trio, +2

Dick Hindman, Live at Jazz School

Dan Jacobs, Blue After Hours

Victor Janusz, Cosmo Street

Clay Jenkins, Azure Eyes

Ken Karsh, Ventana

Roger Kellaway, I Was There...Bobby Darin Songbook

Tom Knific, Siena

Irene Kral, Just For Now

Ernie Krivda, Plays Ernie Krivda, Vol. 2

Michelle Latimer, Sings and Plays

Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra, A Love Supreme

Russell Malone, Playground

Manhattan Transfer, Vibrate

Wynton Marsalis, Unforgivable Blackness

Sean McGowan, River Coffee

Dan McMillion Jazz Orchestra, Give It One

Carol Mennie, I'm Not A Sometime Thing

Glen Miller, The Centennial Collection

Dom Minasi, Quick Response

Tony Monaco, Fiery Blues

Typhanie Monique & Neal Alger, Intrinsic

Jason Moran, Same Mother

Carli Muñoz, Maverick

Jean-Michel Pilk, Follow Me

Leslie Pintchik, So Glad To Be Here

Cole Porter, It's Delovely

Dafnis Prieto, About The Monks

Don Pullen, Mosaic Select Box Set

Jeff Raheb, Topaz Under The Moon

Buddy Rich, No Funny Hats

David Sanborn, Closer

Maria Schneider Orchestra, Concert in the Garden

Judi Silvano, Let Yourself Go 

Michael Jefry Stevens, The Survivor's Suite

Tom Teasley, Global Groovalization

Richard "Cookie" Thomas, Touch You With A Song

Belinda Underwood, Underwood Uncurling

Barry Wedgle & Steve Lacy, Rendezvous

Buster Williams, Griot Liberté

Josh Workman, Jumpin' At The Border 

Book/DVD Reviews: 

DVD: Django’s Rhythm, Taught by Michael Dunn (Mel Bay Publications)

DVD: The Gadd Gang/Roots: Digital Live Salute to the Saxophone (Eagle Rock Entertainment)

DVD: Charles Mingus: Live at Montreaux (Eagle Rock Entertainment)

DVD: Buddy Rich: Channel One Suite (Lightyear Entertainment)

Book: Jazz Piano: An In Depth Look at Styles of the Masters, by Liam Noble (Hal Leonard)

Book: Essentials for the Be Bop Drummer, by Artt Frank with Pete Swan (Schaffner Press)

Book: Keyboard Signature Licks—Best of Be Bop Piano, by Gene Rizzo (Hal Leonard) 

Book: John Coltrane, Giant Steps. Artist Transcription Series (Hal Leonard)

Book: Chick Corea Elektric Band II: Paint The World Artist Transcription Series (Hal Leonard)

Book: Mel Bay‘s Getting Into Gypsy Jazz Guitar, S. Wrembel

Book: The Art of Picking, by Jimmy Bruno (Mel Bay) 

Product Reviews: 

An Interview with Eric Pritchard of Pritchard Amps 

B. Bo Basses

Acoustic Image—Coda R Series IIA

Finale 2005 Notation Software 


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