Jazz Improv, Vol. 6, No. 2, Joe Lovano, cover (Print Edition & Companion CD)

Jazz Improv, Vol. 6, No. 2, Joe Lovano, cover (Print Edition & Companion CD)


Red Disk: Carli Munoz, "Maverick"; Onaje Allan Gumbs, "Healing Zone"; Nachito Herrera, "Song in F"; Farrell/Nicolls, "Angel Eyes"; Sharon Bailey, "More Than You Know"; Joe Lovano, "Bird's Eye View"; Eric Nemeyer, "Stablemates"; Cindy Blackman, "All I Want"; Nicole Pasternak, "Four" and "Me"; Avi Rothbard, "Minor Impact"; Sara Yervand, "But Beautiful"; David Leonhardt, "Rising Tide" 

Blue Disk: Ernie Watts, "The Bubala Dance"; Terry Plumeri, "Dolphin Dance", Sandy Sasso, "All My Men"; Mark Sherman, "Little Lullaby"; Joan Crowe, "Twisted"; John Pisano, "Amanhecer (Dawn)"; Frank Catalano, "Love Bugaloo"; Mark Weinstein, "Elegua Abierto"; 3D, "Otra Vez"; Nima Rezai, "Kurdish Dance"; Allen Houser, "Jack’s Of Sutter Street", VIDEO LESSON "Jazzed Blues: Red House" by Mark Stefani. 


Joe Lovano and Lew Tabackin 


Jerry Bergonzi, Sonny Fortune, Antonio Hart, Marc Mommaas, Carli Muñoz, Ada Rovatti, Gary Smulyan, Andy Snitzer, and Willie Williams 


The Real World: Loss of an Unusual Fan by Todd Coolman Collected Wisdom: A Tale of Two Trumpets by Don Glasgo Effortless Mastery: All Art is Movement by Kenny Werner Elements of Jazz: The Art of Articulation by Greg Fishman The 21st Century Musicians Guide to Latin Jazz: Part 15 by Richie Zellon Piano Perspectives: Combining Open Position “A” and “B” Group Voicings by Rick Helzer Style & Influence: Content & Form in Jazz: The Art of Listening & Interacting by Marco Pignataro Apple Harvest: For Cool Tenormen Only by Ira Gitler. illustrations by Mary Jo Schwalbach Mind, Body, Sprit by Eric Nemeyer 

Lead Sheets: 

"Ray's Idea"

, “The Bubala Dance” - Comp. by Ernie Watts - C, Bb, Eb 

“Jack’s Of Sutter Street” - Composed by Allen Houser - C, Bb, Eb, Bass. 

“Healing Zone” - Composed by Onaje Allan Gumbs - C Instruments 

“Spiritual Dance” - Comp. Mark Sherman - C, Bb, Eb, Bass 

“Otra Vez” - Composed by 3D - C, Bb, Eb, Bass “Minor Impact” - Composed by Avi Rothbard - C, Bb, Eb, Bass 

“Amenhecer” - Comp. by John Pisano - C, Bass 


“Ray’s Idea,” Composed by Ray Brown, Gil Fuller. Analysis by Eric Nemeyer 

Exercises Scales Patterns: 

“Ray’s Idea” - SCALES - C, Bb, Eb, Bass Clef Instruments “Ray’s Idea” - CHORD ARPEGGIOS - C, Bb, Eb, Bass Clef Inst. 

“Ray’s Idea” - CHORD PERMUTATIONS - C, Bb, Eb, Bass Clef

“Everything Happens To Me” - EMBELLISHED TRIADS (b6-5-3-1, 4-3-1-5) - C, Bb, Eb, Bass Clef Instruments

“Coltrane Changes” - INTERVALS: FOURTHS (C, Bass Clef) 

CD Reviews: 

Eric Alexander & Vincent Herring, The Battle 

Sharon Bailey, It Never Entered My Mind

Ray Barretto, Time Was, Time Is

Bob Berg, Remembering Bob Berg

Tim Berne, Paris Concert III

Gene Bertoncini, Quiet Now

Greg Chako, Where We Find Ourselves

Billy Childs, Jazz Chamber Music Vol. 1

Marcus Click, Movin’

Joan Crowe, Bird On The Wire

John DiMartino, So In Love

Kenny Drew Art Farmer, To Duke With Love

Clare Fischer, First Time Out

Bob Florence, Friends-Treasures-Heroes

Giacomo Gates, Centerpiece

Dexter Gordon, Digs In

Hayes Greenfield, Peace of Mind

Nachito Herrera, Bembe En Mi Casa

Bill Holman, Live

Allen Houser, Karenji

Kwyjibo, Rise Of

Ingrid Jensen, Here On Earth

“Bujo” Kevin Jones, Tenth World

Elvin Jones, The Truth

Brian LaChance, Lost In Paradise

Mike LeDonne, Night Song

Bradley Leighton, Just Doin’ Our Thang

David Leonhardt, I’ll Be Home For XMAS

Abbey Lincoln, Abbey Is Blue

Eugene Marlow, A Summer Afternoon With You

Pat Martino, Impressions

Hendrik Meurkens, Amazon River

Marc Mommaas, Balance

Thelonious Monk, Alone In SF

Sam Morrison, Miles Away

Myanna, One Never Knows

Nicole Pasternak, In A Word

Andrew Rathbun, George Colligan, Renderings

Dianne Reeves, Good Night & Good Luck

Nima Rezai, Separate Worlds

Grahame Rhodes, Collaboration

Wallace Roney, Mystikal

Randy Sandke, Trumpet After Dark

Sandy Sasso, All My Men

Jimmy Scott, All Or Nothing At All

Mark Sherman, One Step Closer

Sandi Shoemake, Sophisticated Lady

Herb Silverstein, Beach Walker

McCoy Tyner, Passion Dance

Mark Weinstein, Tudo De Bom 

“Yaz” Yasuyuki Takagi, You Can’t Say It In Public

Yehudit & Beth Snellings, Different Strokes

Sara Yervand, Introducing

Lester Young, Blue Lester

Mercy Monet, A Touch of Mercy

Gene Ess, Sandbox & Sanctum

Book/DVD Reviews: 

Melodic Improvising for Guitar, by Bruce Saunders (Mel Bay) 

Improvising Without Scales, by Carl Verheyen (Mel Bay) 

Play Like Me, I’ve Got Rhythm, by Bill Susman and Randy Whiting 

Product Reviews: 

Rico Reeds, Springer Mouthpieces, Roberto’s Winds’ Premium Sax Reeds, The Eastman John Pisano signature model AR880 and M-Audio’s Black Box 


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