Jazz Improv, Vol. 6, No. 3, Buddy Rich, cover (Print Edition & Companion CD)

Jazz Improv, Vol. 6, No. 3, Buddy Rich, cover (Print Edition & Companion CD)


Jerry Kalaf, "Just Like Old Times" 

Francisco Mela, "John Ramsay"

Noñameko, "Reunion"

Brian LaChance, "Brian’s Blues" & "Lost in Paradise"

Jason Smith, "Halcyon"

Buddy Rich, "Ya Gotta Try"

Eric Nemeyer, "Milestones #1" (Alternate take

Federico Britos, Jorge Garcia, "Oriente"

Dom Minasi, "Who’s Your Dentist?"

Doug Ratner, "You Snooze"

Robin Eubanks, "Get 2 It"

Primrose Lane Label Medley: 

Luther Hughes: "Takin' It Home"

Stu Elster, "It's Dark Tonight"

Dewey Erney, "When I Take My Sugar to Tea"

Glen Cashman, "Studer Rodeo"

Becky Gonzales Hughes, "Laugh and Be Happy"

Ken Song, "Goin' Wes"

CD Metronome VOL.1 4/4. Live Drums for Practicing Jazz

TrueFire Video Lesson with Robert Conti

....and if you make music, 100 Page eBook of Music (Transcribed Solos, etc.)

Video Interview with Ben Reilly. 


Comprehsive bio-discographical analysis on Buddy Rich: "Buddy in 25,000 words or less" by Dave Miele 


Family, Friends, Managers, Publicists, Arramgers & Band Members: Steve Peck, Stanley Kay, Peter Levinson, John LaBarbera, Jack Scarangella, Freddie Gruber, Steve Arnold, Nick Rich, Marie & Cathy Rich, Remo Belli;Remembering Buddy: Bobby Shew, Jimmy Bruno, Dave Sahl, Terry Gibbs, Armand Zildjian. More in-depth interviews with Cindy Blackman, Cecil Brooks III, Will Calhoun, Terreon Gully, Tim Horner, Francisco Mela, Dafnis Prieto, Ben Riley, Sam Ulano, Jeff “Tain” Watts, Charlie Shoemake, Kenny Barron, Roger Smith, Werner “Vana” Gierig, Charnett Moffitt, Peter Farrell & Patrick Nichols 


The Real World: Another Point of View by Todd Coolman 

Collected Wisdom: The Future of Big Band Jazz by Don Glasgo

Effortless Mastery: Spirit Never Dies by Kenny Werner

Mind, Buddy & Sprit by Eric Nemeyer

Elements of Jazz: The Follow-Through by Greg Fishman

The 21st Century Musicians Guide to Latin Jazz: Part 16 by Richie Zellon

Piano Perspectives: Five Note Rootless Voicings by Rick Helzer

Rhythmically Speaking: Buddy Rich, Bird and Diz by Dave Miele

Style & Influence: An Open Letter to Wynton by Marco Pignataro 

Transcribed Solos: 

“I Thought About You” - Composed by Jimmy Van Heusen, Joey DeFrancesco, B-3 organ solo (C Instruments). Transcribed by John Alexander “I Thought About You” - Bb Instruments; “I Thought About You” - Eb Instruments; “I Thought About You - Bass Clef Instruments; “Will You Still Be Mine” - McCoy Tyner - Piano solo, C Instruments, Transcribed by Raleigh Dailey; “Will You Still Be Mine” - McCoy Tyner - Bb Inst.; “Will You Still Be Mine” - McCoy Tyner - Eb Inst.; “Will You Still Be Mine” - McCoy Tyner - Bass Inst.; “I thought About You” - Miles Davis, trumpet solo, Hank Mobley tenor sax solo, C Instruments. ;Transcribed by John Alexander; “I thought About You” - Miles Davis, trumpet solo, Hank Mobley tenor sax solo, Bb Instruments; “I thought About You” - Miles Davis, trumpet solo, Hank Mobley tenor sax solo, Eb Instruments; “I thought About You” - Miles Davis, trumpet solo,, Hank Mobley tenor sax solo, Bass Clef Instruments; “Shaw Nuff”” - Charles McPherson - Alto sax solo, C Instruments. Transcribed by Rick Helzer; “Shaw Nuff”” - Charles McPherson - Alto sax, Bb Inst.; “Shaw Nuff”” - Charles McPherson - Alto solo, Eb Inst; “Shaw Nuff”” - Charles McPherson - Bass Clef Inst; “Byrdlike” - Freddie Hubbard - Trumpet solo, Bb Inst., Transcribed by Adam Czerepinski 

Lead Sheets: 

“I Thought About You”; “A Deeper Love” - Comp. by Chris Chalfant - Piano, C, Bb, Eb, Bass Clef Instruments “Just Like Old Times” - Comp. Jerry Kalaf (C) 92 “John Ramsay” - Comp. by Francisco Mela - C Inst 94 “Lost In Paradise” - Comp. Brian LaChance - C Inst. 


I Thought About You,” Composed by Jimmy Van Heusen. Analysis by Eric Nemeyer. 

Exercises Scales Patterns: 

“Buddy Rich: Bird and Diz” by Dave Miele; “The African Ewe Gadzo Ganugbagba - An Ancient Rhythm, Modern Applications,” by Tom Teasley 


Conductor's Score: “Ya Gotta Try” - Comp. by Sammy Nestico 

CD Reviews: 

Monty Alexander, Concrete Jungle

Scott Anderson Nia Quintet, End of Time

Eileen Bertsch, Eileen

Federico Britos, Jorge Garcia, The Sound Of Strings

Brian Bromberg, Wood II

Cecil Brooks III, Double Exposure

Bill Bruford and Tim Garland, Earthworks Underground Orchestra

Will Calhoun, Native Lands

Kenny Carr, Friday at Five

Oscar Castro-Neves, All One

CD Metronome, Volume 1 & Volume 2

Chris Chalfant, Love and Light

Lefteris Christofis, Nous Icons

Tony Cimorosi, Horizon

Steve Clarke, Da Bass Is Loaded

Sam Crain, Rose Of Loami and Other Selections

D-For, Intersection

Duduka Da Fonseca Quintet, Samba Jazz in Black and White

Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis, Prestige Profiles

Joey DeFrancesco, Organic Vibes

Joe De Renzo, Of Night and Day

Vince Ector, Renewal of the Spirit

Walter Fischbacher, Infinity Ltd.

Sherman Ferguson, Welcome To My Vision

Sammy Figueroa, …And Sammy Walked In

Mimi Fox, Perpetually Hip

Wendee Glick, True Colors

Becky Gonzales Hughes, Late Bloomer

Curt Hanrahan Septet, To Be Again

Coleman Hawkins, Prestige Profiles

Fred Hersch, In Amsterdam: Live At The Bimhuis

Reuben Hoch and Time, Of Recent Time

The Jazz Expressions, On The Road

Mikole E. Kaar, A Fifth Of Midnight

Jerry Kalaf, Just Like Old Times

Billy Kilson’s BK Groove, Pots And Pans

Paul Kogut, Know It? I Wrote It!

Cliff Korman & The Brazilian Tinge, Migrations

Bireli Lagrene, Avenue Des Diables Blues

Bob Lark, Until You

Bradley Leighton, Back To The Funk

Frank Macchia, Mo’ Animals

Willie Martinez, Family

Pat Martino, Remember: A Tribute To Wes Montgomery

Francisco Mela, Melao

Dom Minasi, The Vampire’s Revenge

Charnett Moffett, Internet

Typhanie Monique & Neal Alger, Intrinsic

Frank Morgan, Raising The Standard-Live At The Jazz Standard, Vol. 2

Paul Motian, Garden Of Eden

Noñameko, Songs

Luis Mario Ochoa, Cimarrón: Luis Mario Ochoa & Friends

Dave Peck, Good Road

Oscar Perez, Nuevo Comienzo

Bucky Pizzarelli, Frank Vignola, Moonglow

Jimmy Ponder, What’s New

Chris Potter, Underground

Darren Rahn, Once In A Lifetime

Tom Ranier & Glenn Cashman, Blue In Green

Lenore Raphael, A Beautiful Friendship

Nika Rejto, Teazing Socrates

Napoleon Revels-Bey, New Mo Swing

Buddy Rich, Argo, Emarcy and Verve Small Group Buddy Rich Sessions

Carol Robbins, Jazz Play

Avi Rothbard, Twin Song

Gonzalo Rubalcaba, Solo

Carl Saunders, Can You Dig Being Dug

Jenny Scheinman, 12 Songs

Tom Scott, Bebop United

Jeff “Siege” Siegel, Magical Spaces

Jason Smith, Think Like This

Bill Stevens, Full Circle

Chris “Doc” Stewart, Phoenix

Dawson Taylor, It Could Happen To You

Clark Terry, Clark Terry And The Young Titans Of Jazz Live at Marian’s

Julius Tolentino, Just the Beginning

Kenichi Tsunoda Big Band, For J.G.

George Van Eps, My Guitar

Richie Vitale & Orquesta Universal, New York Salsa

Dan Weiss, Tintal Drumset Solo

Chip White, Music and Lyrics

Word-Beat, The Soul Dances 

Book/DVD Reviews: 

Tommy Dorsey: Livin’ in a Great Big Way—A Biography, by Peter J. Levinson 

Product Reviews: 

David Gage Czech-ease Bass; JodyJazz DV Alto and the HR* Soprano Buddy Rich Practice Pad, by Drum Workshop; Bosphorus Cymbals, Master & Hammer Series; Sibelius 4: From A Working Musician & Teacher’s Perspective 


The Guitar Pages: With contributions by Corey Christiansen, Eric Elias; Henry Johnson, Wolf Marshall, Bob Miles & Mark Stefani.

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