Jazz Improv, Vol. 8, No. 2, Stan Getz, cover (Print Edition & Companion CD)

Jazz Improv, Vol. 8, No. 2, Stan Getz, cover (Print Edition & Companion CD)


Willie Martinez

1. Para Los Bravos (6:31) Comp. by Willie Martinez. www.williemartinez.com. From the album After Winter, Spring, by Willie Martinez La Familia Sextet. Willie Martinez, drums; Misha Tsiganov, piano; Jennifer Vincent, bass; Renato Thomas, perc; Cristian Rivera, tumbadoras; Max Schweiger, baritone sax; J. Walter Hawkes, trombone.

Antonio Ciacca

2. Squazin’ (5:30) Composed by Antonio Ciacca. Sponsored by Motema Music. www.motema.com. www.antoniociacca.com. Antonio Ciacca, piano; Kengo Nakamura, bass; Rodney Green, drums; Stacy Dillard, tenor sax; Joe Magnarelli, trumpet. 

Michael Pedicin

3. Pelican (6:29) Comp. by Michael Pedicin. From the album Everything Starts Now. www.Michael Pedicin.com; Michael Pedicin, tenor sax; Johnnie Valentino, guitar; Mick Rossi, piano; Chris Colangelo, bass; Michael Sarin, drums.  

Steve Turre

4. Forward Vision (5:59) Composed by Steve Turre. Sponsored by Yamaha. www.yamaha.com From the album Rainbow People (High Note). Steve Turre, trombone; Sean Jones, trumpet; Mulgrew Miller, piano; Peter Washington, bass; Ignacio Berroa, drums. 

University of North Florida feat. Ed Calle

5. Mambo Wambo (5:18) Composed by Ed Calle. Ed Calle, tenor sax. From the album With All My Love, by University of North Florida Jazz Ensemble One. Sponsored by Jody Jazz. www.jodyjazz.com

Kirk Whalum

6. Big Ol’ Shoes (4:26) Composed by Rex Rideout and Kirk Whalum. From the album Roundtrip by Kirk Whalum. Sponsored by Dansr, Vandoren Reeds.

www.dansr.com. Kirk Whalum, tenor sax; Alex Al, bass; Michael White, drums; Rex Rideout, keyboards, programming; Darrell Crooks, guitar; Kevin Ricard, perc.

Steve Elmer

7. Aaronology (5:55) Composed by Steve Elmer. From the album Fire Down Below by Steve Elmer. www.SteveElmer. Com. Steve Elmer, piano; Hide Tanaka, bass; Shingo Okudaira, drums.

James Silberstein 

8. Shadows (5:32) Composed by James Silberstein and Harvie S. From the album Express Lane. (Consolidated Artists Productions). www.JamesSilberstein.com. James Silberstein, guitar; Harvie S, bass; Jill McCarron, keyboards; Vince Cherico, drums.

Ron Blake

9. Waltz For Gwen (5:39) Composed by Ron Blake. From the album Shayari (Mack Avenue Records). Sponsored by Sonare Winds | Keilwerth.

www.sonarewinds.com. RonBlakeMusic.com. Ron Blake, tenor sax; Michael Cain, piano; Gilmar Gomes, perc.

Pamela Luss

10. Magnet (3:03) Composed by Ray Passman, H. Wasserman. www.pamelaluss.com. From the album Magnet (Savant). Pamela Luss, vocals; John DiMartino, piano; George Mraz, bass; Victor Lewis, drums; Steve Kroon, percussion; Walt Weiskopf, tenor sax.

Herb Harris

11. In A Little Minute (5:20) 

Composed by Herb Harris. From the album Some Many Second Chances, Vol. 1. www.herbharrismusicco.com. Herb Harris, tenor & soprano sax; Ray Dunlop, piano; Greg Williams, bass; Robert Rucker, drums.

James Carter

12. Bossa J.C. (4:45) Composed by James Carter. From the album Present Tense (Emarcy Records). Sponsored by MonteVerde Music, P. Mauriat Saxophones. monteverdemusic.com. www.jamescarter.com. James Carter, tenor sax; woodwinds; Dwight Adams, trumpet; D.D. Jackson, piano; Rodney Jones, guitar; James Genus, bass; Victor Lewis, drums; Eli Fountain, perc.

Clarice Assad

13. We Cannot Wait (4:09) Composed by Clarice Assad. From the album Love, All That It Is. Sponsored by NSS Music. NSSMusic.com; www.clariceassad.com; Clarice Assad, piano; Naomi Major, lyrics; Ethan Startzman, bs; Julien Augier, drums, drums; Kevin Callahan, guitars.

Andrea Brachfeld

14. Q (5:13) Composed by Bob Quaranta. From the album Into The World - A Musical Offering by Andrea Brachfeld. www.andreabrachfeld.com. Andrea Brachfeld, flute; Bob Quaranta, piano; Andy Eulau, bass; Diego Lopez, drums; Chembo Corniel, congas.


Sam Rivers 57

Charles Lloyd 66

Wayne Shorter 71

Jamey Aebersold 77

Clarice Assad 85

Ron Blake 91

James Carter 95

Jeff Coffin 102

Anat Cohen 111

K.J. Denhert 115

Bill Easley 120

Stanley Jordan 123

Grace Kelly 127

Don Menza 130

Byron Morris 133

Michael Pedicin 136

Kurt Rosenwinkel 140

James Silberstein 144

Daniel Smith 146



The Real World: IAJE Debacle 14   

by Todd Coolman

From The Bridge 16

by Sue Terry

Browsing The Bins: 18   

by Curtis Davenport

Textures 22

by Bob Gish

Exhcnage Place 25

by Sandy Sasso

Mind, Body & Spirit 207

by Eric Nemeyer




Stan Getz 29

The ABCs Decade: Adaptation, Bossa Nova, Collaborations and Crossover Success



Steps Along The Path: The Art Of Developing A Solo, by Dave Frank

Elements Of Jazz: Stan Getz’ Improvised Solo on “Pennies From Heaven” By Greg Fishman

Piano Perspectives: Piano Perspectives: Shout Chorus Voicings More Possibilities with Tertian, Secondal and Quartal Structures in Both Hands, Rick Helzer


Lead Sheet: “The Masquerade Is Over”

“The Masquerade Is Over” Composed by Herb Magidson,Allie Wrubel. Analysis by Eric Nemeyer


Audix VX5 Vocal Condenser Microphone

 Jody Jazz NY#6 Alto & DV#7 Alto Mouthpieces, DV #7 Baritone Mouthpiece P. Mauriat Swing 55 Tenor

Sadowsky Semi-Hollow Model Guitar

Sonaré TRC-900S Bb Trumpet

Wittman Spectrum Tuner

Yamaha YAS-82Z alto 


Howard Alden, Ken Peplowski,

Pow-Wow Harry Allen-Joe Cohn, Stompin’

Gregg August, One Place 

The Bebop Guitars, Freshly Painted Blues

Joe Beck, John Abercrombie, Coincidence

T.K. Blue, Follow The North Star

Bobby Broom, The Way I Play

Lou Caimano, Eric Olsen, Dyad

Cannon ReLoaded: An All Star Celebration of Cannonball Adderley

Kenny Carr, Changing Tide

Edo Castro, Phoenix

Greg Chako, Everybody’s Got A Name

Ryan Cohan, One Sky

Lainie Cooke, It’s Always You

Buddy DeFranco, Charlie Cat II

KJ Denhert, Lucky Seven

Kenny Drew, In Copenhagen

Bill Easley, Business Man’s Bounce

Duke Ellington Legacy, Thank You Uncle Edward

Steve Elmer, Fire Down Below

Derrick Gardner, A Ride To The Other Side Of Infinity

Mike Garson, Mike Garson’s Jazz Hat

Tobias Gebb, An Upper West Side Story

Jimmy Greene, The Overcomer’s Suite

Jennifer Hall, A West Coast Tribute To Gerry Mulligan

Herb Harris, Some Many Second Chances

Jimmy Heath Big Band, Turn Up The Heath

Marsha Heydt, One Night

Dave Kain, No Pain, No Kain

Oleg Kireyev, Mandala

Junior Mance, Groovin’ With Junior

Ellis Marsalis, An Open Letter To Thelonious

Willie Martinez, After Winter, Spring

Marian McPartland, Twilight World

Andy Middleton, The European Quartet Live

Monterey Jazz Festival 50th Anniversary All Stars - At The 2007 Monterey Jazz Festival

Gary Morgan, Felicidade

Arturo O’Farrill, Song For Chico

Alan Pasqua, Dave Carpenter, Peter Erskine Trio, Standards Michael Pedicin, Everything Starts Now

Bobby Previte, Set The Alarm For Monday

Dafnis Prieto, Taking The Soul For A Walk

Andrew Rathbun, Affairs Of State

Thom Rotella 4-tet, Out Of The Blues

Chip Shelton, Imbued With Memories

Peter Sprague, Plays Solo

Marty Sheller, Why Deny

Jae Sinnett, It’s Telling… A Drummer’s Perspective

Sarina Suno, Introducing

Joe Temperley, Harry Allen, Cocktails For Two

Third World Love, New Blues

Sumi Tonooka, Long Ago Today

Rick Wald, 16/NYC

Bobby Watson, From The Heart

Mark Weinstein, Straight, No Chaser

Kenny Werner, Roseanna Vitro, Delirium Blues Project: Serve Or Suffer Chip White, Double Dedication

Willie Williams, Comet Ride

Woody Witt, A Conversation

Yellowjackets, Lifecycle

Miguel Zenón, Awake

Stevie Holland, Before Love Has Gone

Tom Heasley, Toss Panos, Passages

Pamela Luss, Magnet

Andrea Brachfeld, Into The World, A Musical Offering

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Here’s what’s in the 239 page e-Book on the Enhanced Companion CD to this issue of Jazz Improv


“I’m Afraid The Masquerade Is Over” - Composed by Allie Wrubel. Red Garland, Piano solo, From the album Red Garland Revisited! Transcribed by Raleigh Dailey.

4 C Instruments

8 Bb Instruments

12 C Instruments

16 Bass Clef Instruments

“I’m Afraid The Masquerade Is Over” - Comp. by Allie Wrubel, Benny Golson, tenor sax solo. From The Complete Mercury Art Farmer/Benny Golson Jazztet Sessions (Mosaic 225). 

Transcribed by Raleigh Dailey.

20 Bass Clef Instruments

22 Bb Instruments

24 C Instruments

26 Eb Instruments

“I’m Afraid The Masquerade Is Over” - Composed by Allie Wrubel. Wynton Kelly, piano solo. From the album The Complete Mercury Art Farmer/Benny Golson Jazztet Sessions (Mosaic 225). 

Transcribed by Raleigh Dailey.

28 Bass Clef Instruments

30 Bb Instruments

32 C Instruments

34 Eb Instruments

“I’m Afraid The Masquerade Is Over” - Composed by Allie Wrubel. Lou Donaldson, alto sax. From the album Blues Walk (Blue Note Records); and reissued on The Complete Blue Note Lou Donaldson Sessions 1957-60 (Mosaic MD6-215)

Transcribed by John Alexander

36 Bass Clef Instruments

40 Bb Instruments

44 C Instruments

48 Eb Instruments

“I’m Afraid The Masquerade Is Over” - Composed by Allie Wrubel, Words by Herb Magidson. Med Flory, alto sax. The Mike Barone Big Band: Live At Donte’s, 1968 (V.S.O.P. #103). 

Transcribed by John Alexander

52 Bass Clef Instruments

Bb Instruments

64 C Instruments

Eb Instruments



        Composed by Steve Elmer


        Composed by John Valentino 

        (Performed by Michael Pedicin)

“Q” - Composed by Bob Quaranta

         (Perfomed by Andrea Brachfeld)

“Waltz For Gwen”  

          Composed by Ron Blake


“Para Los Bravos” (Score)

        Composed by Willie Martinez

“Para Los Bravos” (Parts)

        Composed by Willie Martinez

“Shadows” (Score)

        Composed by James Silberstein, Harvie S

“Shadows” (Parts)

        Composed by James Silberstein, Harvie S


“Honeybelle” (Score) 

        Composed by John Alexander

“Honeybelle” (Parts)

        Composed by John Alexander


204 Davey Schildkraut, by Rob Derke


209 Davey Schildkraut, by Rob Derke



        C, Bb, Eb, Bass Clef Instruments 

228 CHORD ARPEGGIOS - C, Bb, Eb, Bass Clef Inst. 

232 PATTERNS - C, Bb, Eb, Bass Clef Inst.


        C, Bb, Eb, Bass Clef Inst.

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