Jazz Improv, Vol. 8, No. 4, John McLaughlin, cover, 176 pages (Print Edition & CD)

Jazz Improv, Vol. 8, No. 4, John McLaughlin, cover, 176 pages (Print Edition & CD)

Jazz Inside

Volume 8, No. 4

John McLaughlin (cover)

176 pages


Mike Mainieri - Marnix Bussstra Quartet

1. Don’t Break Step (5:45) Composed by Marnix Busstra. From the album Twelve Pieces.

www.nycrecords.com. Mike Mainieri, vibraphone; Marnix Busstra, guitars; Eric Van Der Westen,

double bass; Peter Bast, drums.

John Beasley

2. Positootly! (4:31) Composed by John Beasley. From the album Positootly!.

www.resonancerecords.org. John Beasley, piano; Bennie Maupin, tenor sax; Brian Lynch,

trumpet; James Genus, bass; Jeff “Tain” Watts.

Jackie Ryan

3. Dat Dere (4:32) Composed by Bobby Timmons. www.openartproductions.com. From the album Doozy (Open Art). Jackie Ryan, vocals, Cyrus Chestnut, piano; Ray Drummond,

bass; Carl Allen, drums; Eric Alexander, tenor sax; Jeremy Pelt, trumpet.

Roch Lockyer

4. Mim (7:30) Composed by Roch Lockyer. www.rochlockyer.com. From the album Nondirectional.

Roch Lockyer, guitar; Art Lande, piano; Mike Marlier, drums.

Sonny Fortune

5. Two Of A Kind (5:48) Composed by Sonny Fortune. www.sonnyfortune.com. From the album Last Night At Sweet Rhythm. Sonny Fortune, alto sax; Michael Cochrane, piano;

David Williams, bass; Steve Johns, drums.

Chembo Corniel

6. Two Of A Kind (5:48) Composed by Chembo Corniel. www.myspace.com/chemboro. From the album Things I Wanted To Do. Chembo Corniel, tumbadoras, percussion; Elio Villafranca, piano, fender rhodes; Carlo De Rosa, acoustic bass; Vince Cherico, drums; Ivan Renta, tenor and soprano sax.

Darwin Noguera

7. Lejana Esperanza (6:19) Composed by Darwin Noguera. From the album The Gardener (Chicago Sessions) www.chicagosessions.com. Darwin Noguera, piano; Victor Garcia, trumpet, flugelhorn; Greg Ward, alto saxophone; Joshua Ramos, double bass; Juan Daniel Pastor, drums, cajón, bongo cajón; Special Guests : Ernie Adams, drums; Howard Levy, harmonica; Rocky Year, tenor saxophone.

Antonio Ciacca

8. Nico’s Song (7:58) Composed by Antonio Ciacca. From the album Lagos Blues. www.motema.com. Antonio Ciacca, piano; Kengo Nakamura, bass; Ulysses Owens, drums; Stacy Dillard, sax.

James Silberstein

9. Kiwi Bird (4:59) Composed by Jack Wilkins. From the album Express Lane. www.jamessilberstein.com. James Silberstein, guitar; Eric Alexander, tenor sax; Jim Rotondi, trumpet; Steve Davis, trombone; Harvie S, bass; Jill McCarron, keyboards; Vince Cherico, drums; Daniel Sadownick, percussion; Anne Drummond, flute.

Fred Taylor

10. My Response (K.G.) (5:10) Composed by Fred Taylor. www.FredTaylorMusic.com From the album Circling. Fred Taylor, drums; Bob Ackerman, alto saxophone, flute, clarinet; Rick Crane, double bass.

Tim Willcox

11. The Shoog (3:40) Composed by Tim Willcox. From the album Sound Architecture; www.diaticrecords.com. Tim Willcox, tenor sax; Toby Koenigsberg, piano, Bill Athens, Chris Higgins, bass, Randy Rollofson, drums.

Mauricio Zottarelli

12. 7 Lives (5:46) Composed by Mauricio Zottarelli. www.mzdrums.com. From the album 7 Lives. Mauricio Zottarelli, drums; Rodrigo Ursala, tenor sax; Dom Salvador, piano; Esperanza Spalding, bass.

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John McLaughlin, On Miles Davis and More!

40 Mike Mainieri

56 Anthony Braxton

87 Gerry Hemingway

70 Hank Jones

76 Paul Bley

85 Jimmy Bruno

95 Milford Graves


30 Textures: Notes on Jazz & Writing – Kerouac by Bob Gish

33 Browsing The Bins: The Other Dizzy by Curtis Davenport

36 From The Bridge: The Holographic Fragment by Sue Terry

37 Vocal Perspectives: The Avant Garde Jazz Singer In A Mainstream World

176 Mind, Body & Spirit by Eric Nemeyer



Fundamentals of Improvisation: Rhythmic Patterns, by Dimitry Ekshtut


Pentatonic Scales and their Applications — Part 1, by Chuck Anderson


The Art Of Self-Promotion by Dave Frank


Spicing Up the Jazz Turnaround by Dr. Ronald Lemos


Various Three-note Left Hand Voicings by Rick Helzer


A “Dearly Beloved” Jazz Progression - Pt 1 by Dariusz Terefenko

127 VOCAL:

Jazz Vocal Improvisation: The Scale-Flow Exercise by Suzanne Pittson

130 LATIN:

The 21st Century Musicians Guide to Latin Jazz: Part 20 by Richie Zellon


“Unit Seven” - Composed Sam Jones, Analysis by Eric Nemeyer


Art Imitates Art: On Jazz Drumming by Dave Miele


Metric Modulations Based on the Duple Groupings of Triplet Eighth-Notes and Quarter Notes by Dr. Thomas Poole


Introduction to the Jazz Archtop Guitar by Richie Zellon


148 Semi-Hollow Showdown: Three of the Hottest, New Thinline Guitars Go Head-to-Head


172 Foundation Exercises for Bass By Chuck Sher

The Rest of the Story: Jazz Improvisation and History By Ahmad S. Alaadeen


152 Ben Allison, Think Free

Count Basie Orchestra, Swinging, Singing, Playing

153 Michael Benedict, The Next Phase

Roni Ben-Hur, Fortuna

Bobby Bradford, Tom Heasley,

Ken Rosser, Varistar

154 Joshua Breakstone, No One New

Buselli-Wallarab Jazz Orchestra, Where Or When

Charito, Watch What Happens

Gerald Clayton, Two Shade

Miles Davis, Sonny Rollins, The

Classic Prestige Sessions 1951-1958

Elli Fordyce, Songs Spun of Gold

156 Sonny Fortune, Last Night At Sweet Rhythm

157 Joel Frahm & Bruce Katz, Project A

Carol Fredette, Everything In Time

Brian Groder, Groder & Greene

158 Jonathan Haffner, Life On Wednesday

Angela Hagenbach, The Way They Make Me Feel

159 Rick Helzer,

John Stowell, Friendship and Remembrance

Hiromi, Place To Be

160 Vijay Iyer, Historicity

161 Mimi Jones, A New Day

Kristina, Offshore Echoes

Babatunde Lea, Umbo Weti

162 Mike Longo, Sting Like A Bee

Pamela Luss, Houston Person, Sweet And Saxy

Mike Mainieri, Marnix Busstra Quartet, 12 Pieces

163 Dan McMillion Jazz Orchestra, Nice N’ Juicy

164 Hendrik Meurkens, Samba To Go!

Dom Minasi String Quartet,

Dissonance Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

James Moody, Moody 4A

165 Jean Oh, Invisible Worth

Osland-Dailey Jazztet, Evidence

Chris Potter Underground,


166 Saltman-Knowles, Yesterday’s Man

Daniel Smith, Blue Bassoon

167 Dan Tepfer & Lee Konitz, Duos With Lee

Mads Tolling, The Playmaker

Cedar Walton, Voices Deep Within

168 Gerald Wilson Orchestra, Detroit

Phil Woods, The Children’s Suite

169 Sam Yahel, Hometown

Sumi Tonooka, Erica Lindsay, Initiation

170 Christian Scott, Yesterday You Said Tomorrow

171 Tineke Postma, The Traveller

Frank Macchia, Folk Songs For Jazzers


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